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Nourish your Being because the Universe is Within!
At the InnerMandala we’re passionate about helping you nourish your being and find inner peace amidst everyday activities. We support people living with stress, anxiety and poor levels of wellbeing to find meaning, happiness and re-claim their lives. We do this through mindfulness and compassion training involving courses, meditation programmes, products and workshops.

We work with individuals and organisations. We work internationally with a range of individual and professional clients who seek to enhance their lives through spiritual, contemplative and holistic practices.


We offer people who live with stress, anxiety and poor wellbeing the TOOLS to find inner wellbeing and lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. We train individuals, leaders, groups and organisations to reap effectively the benefits of mindfulness & compassion practice for themselves, their teams, their students, their patients and their communities. We envision to nourish the "inner being" of individuals, organisations and communities to help foster sustainable growth and promote more flourished and compassionate societies.

~ Helping those who are suffering from stress, anxiety and poor wellbeing.
~ Helping people find inner peace, happiness and wellness in life.
~ Being kind, generous and positive.
~ Being in the present, grounded and acting with calmness and clarity.
~ Being experts in Mindfulness and Compassion, we draw from our knowledge, training and experience to help those who need our support.
~ Being authentic and acting with compassion and integrity.
~ Being enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated in our mission.
~ Being inclusive and valuing diversity and culture.
~ Being professional in all our activities, dealings and interaction with others.
~ Upholding the timeless values and inherent nature of the ancient wisdom of Buddhist teachings from which we draw our practices of Mindfulness, Compassion and meditation techniques.

Our workshops and courses teach a variety of well-researched techniques and the core of our approach is remarkably timeless, being based on Buddhist wisdom and practice. With Mindfulness and Compassion training you will learn how to:
~ pay more awareness to your breath
~ find relaxation and grounding in breath
~ feel more relaxed
~ manage your thoughts and feelings better
~ bring mindfulness into your daily life
~ live and move more mindfully
~ accept difficulties and challenges with grace and kindness
~ find your own island of inner peace
~ navigate your life peacefully in the midst of chaos
~ feel empowered to change things within your control
~ appreciate the good things in life
~ improve your relationship with yourself and others
~ manage your activities with effectiveness and happiness
~ live with choice rather than feel a victim of circumstance

"To the mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders" - Lao Tzu


I absolutely loved the one day workshop on Living Mindfully by the InnerMandala. I felt especially inspired by the trainer. The programme content was very well-prepared, organised and eloquently delivered. I really admire her enthusiasm in human wellbeing and how much of work she has put into creating such deep and valuable content. What I loved most was to learn how to look within my own self and then realise that the outside is in fact a reflection of my own thoughts and actions. Great stuff!
-Helen , Graduate student

Truly a transformational course which leads to learn and unlearn, rediscover and revive yourself and then change your life for the better!! Kazumi is a great teacher and guide, and truly an expert in Mindfulness and Compassion. Her in-depth knowledge, experience, patience, warmth and kindness sets a very inviting and beautiful setting to learn and develop ourselves into a better version. Thank you for all that you put in.
-Catherine, Graduate and Entrepreneur

I have benefited immensely from the workshops and lecture series. They have allowed me to reset my mind in moments of stress and anxiety. They have made me more aware of the importance of investing some time for myself and looking inwards to get a better understanding of myself and life at large. Thank you!
-Mark Castello, Teacher

Thank you for your one-day workshop on Finding Inner Peace and Spiritual Wellbeing. Added so much dimension to my knowledge and understanding. I have very much benefited from your help.
-Annyta.S , Spiritual Practitioner

Kazumi is an extremely inspirational and kind teacher. Learnt so much!
-Ann Kim, Teacher

The workshop were better than I expected. Received so much of new knowledge and a good understanding of Mindfulness and its applications.
-Radha Vijai, Psychology Graduate and Teacher